The Context of Architecture

Work and living spaces are designed to bring meaning, awaken the soul, and nurture us. They need to exist within the context of their surroundings, both natural and man-made. Design also encompasses the context of how people live within their environments.

Design should awaken our senses. Make us feel alive. Ignite sensations hard to describe while easy to understand. Good design and architects also understand that space is not always emptiness; it often gives meaning and value to the architectural form created.

Tammis Donaldson, Architect

Senses brought alive through the soft caress across the wood’s grain. The smell of the air shaped by the elements of the space and materials. It can even be felt when listening to the silence within a space designed to be a part of nature while protecting us from it.

Context. It’s why I create. That’s my philosophy. That’s my approach.

Tammis Donaldson
R.A. (Registered Architect, Michigan)